[TWITTER] 130316 Jinwoon’s Twitter Update

[TWITTER] 130316 Jinwoon’s Twitter Update

130316 Jinwoon Twitter Update 2AM with GLAM

TRANSLATION: @2AMJinwoon Doing activities together with Big Hit Family GLAM~~~^^ CD exchanged and took a photo.. ㅋ Pls show lots of support to both teams!!!

130316 Jinwoon's 2nd Twitter Update

Changmin hyung reading

TRANSLATION: Hyung reading a book….. ㅋ
(Pic: Changminie hyung ㅋ)

130316 Jinwoon's 3rd Twitter update hyunminhyungTRANSLATION: I drew manager Hyunminie hyung too…. ㅋㅋㅋ
(Pic: Hyunminie hyung ♡ Cutie)

SOURCE: Jinwoon’s Twitter


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