[PREVIEW] WGM Jinwoon-Junhee Couple Ep. 19: Honeymoon in Japan Pt. 4

[PREVIEW] 130615 WGM Jinwoon-Junhee Couple Ep. 19: Honeymoon in Japan Pt. 4

Jung Jinwoon’s Surprise Proposal to Go Junhee, “Will You Marry Me?"

Go Junhee ♡ Jinwoon – “Would You Marry Me?”♥

Go Junhee & Jung Jinwoon couple who started looking for the Heart Stone last week!
Wife Junhee who can’t seem to find what is right in front of her eyes and goes around and Jinwoon who somehow seemed to know…?
At long last they found the 2nd Heart Stone, the 2 who found the 3rd stone!
What is the secret that is hidden in the 3rd stone?

Junhee who finally found the 3rd Heart Stone!
At that, Jinwoon proposed to Junhee on the spot…
Junhee who couldn’t hide her shock at Jinwoon’s surprise proposal!
But that’s not the end! Exactly what happened?

The two who enjoyed a wedding banquet(?) when they got back to their accommodation!
Music flowed out to Jinwoon’s heart content, showing off idol’s talents that he couldn’t show during this time!
How would the 2 of them end their honeymoon?

SOURCE: MBC WGM Official Webpage
TRANSLATION: WGM Extreme Couple (Jinwoon-Junhee) Couple || wgmextremecouple.wordpress.com || @Extreme_Couple


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