[PREVIEW] 130622 WGM Jinwoon-Junhee Couple Ep. 20

[PREVIEW] 130622 WGM Jinwoon-Junhee Couple Ep. 20

WGM Village ♡ – WGM Village Give-It-All Initial Ceremony
At the brink of meeting of all 3 couples, Junhee & Jinwoon who has been on WGM for the longest time, the 2 of them thought of ways to be ahead of the psychological warfare!
In the end, what would the meeting of the 3 couples be like?

Jung Chi & Jung In couple who meets Jinwoon & Junhee couple first!
They started planning a mischievous initiation ceremony for Taemin & Naeun couple who they are meeting for the 1st time~!
In the midst of this, Taemin & Naeun who’s nervous about meeting the senior couples for the first time, arrived at WGM Village~!

Jinwoon & Junhee, Jung Chi & Jung In finally started the initiation ceremony for Taemin & Naeun!
Taemin & Naeun showed off their sexy dance~!
In the end, Jinwoon & Junhee, Jung Chi & Jung In senior couple, what kind of reaction would they show!

No. 1 & No.3 house couples are taken on a tour around No.2 house for the first time!
Taemin & Son Naeun couple revealed the presents they have prepared for the senior couples(?)…?!
What is the present exactly?

TRANSLATION by WGM Extreme Couple (Jinwoon-Junhee) Blog || wgmextremecouple.wordpress.com || @Extreme_Couple


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1 Response to [PREVIEW] 130622 WGM Jinwoon-Junhee Couple Ep. 20

  1. mits says:

    It’s been a long time leaving a comment here. I really appreciate what you are doing with things about JJ couple. I miss you so much when you were away going to CL thing so you couldn’t help us getting the raw videos as fast. I love JJ couple so much, it hurts my heart to think about when they leave the show.
    I try enjoying when they show us their lovely skinship and affections to each other for now.
    I have a favour to ask for you. I think Jinwoon mentioned when he was on “Top Gear” something like having some feelings toward Junhee now and not looking at other girls now that he was on WGM . I was guessing since my Korean is limited. Can you verify that for me, please? Thank you.

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