[PREVIEW] 130601 WGM Jinwoon-Junhee Couple Episode 17

[PREVIEW] 130601 WGM Jinwoon-Junhee Couple Episode 17

Go Junhee ♡ Jinwoon – J♡J Sweet 1st Night

130601 WGM Jinwoon Junhee Ep. 17 Preview130601 WGM Jinwoon Junhee Ep. 17 Preview
130601 WGM Jinwoon Junhee Ep. 17 Preview130601 WGM Jinwoon Junhee Ep. 17 Preview

Go Junhee & Jung Jinwoon Couple who arrived at a Ryokan for dinner!
Hubby Jinwoon who always see only food showed off his ‘aggressive eating’ in front of the course dinner!

After dinner, the two who went to the hot spring to get rid of their tiredness!
Jinwoon who finished changing first had his eyes opened wide at the sight of Junhee’s appearance from afar!
What caused Jinwoon to be shocked?

After getting into the hot spring together, Jinwoon gave the wife who had been tired the whole day a massage!
However, to the older 29-year-old wife, it was not very satisfactory…?
Can Jinwoon satisfy his wife?

After going back to their accommodation, the two of them changed into the couple tee that Junhee had prepared…?!
How would they look after they put on their couple tee?

In the midst of verifying their sleeping space, the two of them listened to the songs that Jinwoon had written personally!
Jinwoon who let Junhee listen to the song that she inspired!
What situation is entangled in the song?

Go Junhee & Jung Jinwoon couple who ended the first night of their honeymoon ended sweetly!
Hubby Jinwoon said that he had changed a lot after being in the make-believe marriage
How would the two of them spend their remaining honeymoon?

SOURCE: MBC WGM  Official Website
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[PIC] Marie Claire June 2013: Go Junhee & Jung Jinwoon

[PIC] Marie Claire June 2013
Go Junhee & Jung Jinwoon

Marie Claire June 2013 Jung Jinwoon & Go Junhee Marie Claire June 2013 Jung Jinwoon & Go Junhee Marie Claire June 2013 Jung Jinwoon & Go Junhee Marie Claire June 2013 Jung Jinwoon & Go Junhee Marie Claire June 2013 Jung Jinwoon & Go Junhee Marie Claire June 2013 Jung Jinwoon & Go Junhee Marie Claire June 2013 Jung Jinwoon & Go Junhee Marie Claire June 2013 Jung Jinwoon & Go Junhee Marie Claire June 2013 Jung Jinwoon & Go Junhee


Note: This is the iPad version. You just have to download the Marie Claire app onto your iPad/iPhone and then buy the June issue. I got mine for about USD$2.

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[PREVIEW] 130525 WGM Jinwoon-Junhee Couple Ep. 16: Sweet First Honeymoon

[PREVIEW] 130525 WGM Jinwoon-Junhee Couple Ep.16 

Go Junhee ♡ Jinwoon – Sweet First Honeymoon♥

The <WGM> Mission Card which had found its way to Jinwoon while he was doing a photo shoot with fellow 2AM members!
Jinwoon received the mission to go to Japan for their honeymoon for their 100th Day…!
2AM brothers advised with “Give your wife an enjoyable time”, “Do an event for her” etc?
In the end, would the brothers’ advice be of any help to Jinwoon?

Go Junhee & Jung Jinwoon couple who went to the airport in the early morning
For the wife who was tired because she had the cold, hubby Jinwoon demostrated his serviceman spirit!
Can the two of them come back from their honeymoon safely?!

The two who put on clothes from Netherlands in the amusement park that’s full of beautiful scenary!
Jinwoon who suited female dressing more than expected made Junhee forget her pain and find her smile…!
In the middle of their conversation, the two of them felt the generation gap! What is Jinwoon’s reaction to this?

The two who went to a famous hot spring to get rid of their tiredness!
Jinwoon, who got changed first and when he saw Junhee from afar, he opened his eyes wide!
What did Jinwoon see to cause such surprise?!

SOURCE: MBC WGM Official Website
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[NEWS/PREVIEW] ‘WGM’ For Go Junhee, Jung Jinwoon Dressed Up as a Girl For Their Honeymoon in Japan

[NEWS/PREVIEW] ‘WGM’ For Go Junhee, Jung Jinwoon Dressed Up as a Girl For Their Honeymoon in Japan

130525 Preview Jinwoon-Junhee couple goes on honeymoon in Japan 130525 Preview Jinwoon-Junhee couple goes on honeymoon in Japan

2AM Jung Jinwoon and actress Go Junhee had an enjoyably honeymoon in Nagasaki, Japan.

For their recording for MBC variety program ‘WGM’, the two of them went on a 3-day-2-night schedule to Nagasaki, Japan on 14 May. The roses were in full bloom in May and the couple spent an enjoyable and happy time during the trip.

For Go Junhee who had a cold and not in her best physical condition, Jung Jinwoon tried to do his best to give her an enjoyable time. This extended to being in dressed in female clothings. Go Junhee was touched to see this (caring) side of Jung Jinwoon.

Jung Jinwoon dressed in girls’ clothing can be seen in the 25th broadcast, at 5.10pm KST.

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[VIDEO/RECAP] 130518 WGM Jinwoon-Junhee Couple Ep. 15

[VIDEO/RECAP] 130518 WGM Jinwoon-Junhee Couple Ep. 15


Before Jinwoon’s arrival

We start off with Key, Nicole, Mir and Junhee learning the ‘suspender dance’ and putting it together with the ‘happy birthday song’. Nothing significant about their conversation since it was all about mastering the dance. There was a moment when Junhee faced Key and she was just so happy that she had to look away. Because it was SHINee after all. hah!

After the interview, Nicole suggested doing the dance while holding on to the dress and Junhee said that doesn’t it look a little erotic? Key replied with it will only be so if you think about it that way. At some point, Key suggested maybe they shouldn’t do it together with Junhee but she went up to him, held on to his sleeves and asked them to do it together with her. As for the ending, they decided to change from the Kim Yeona’s expression to gwiyomi. The two lines are: “I love you, Jung Jinwoon. I can’t live without you.” Ending with a kiss.

Then they got ready for Jinwoon’s appearance. (Judging by the time frame, this was recorded on 1 May because at 12 am, they sang the birthday song for Jinwoon again. And the recording took about 7 hrs. So they started at ard 5pm without Jinwoon) Upon arrival, Jinwoon was surprised that the friends were there, blew the candles but never did look at Junhee straight in the eyes. The friends were all wondering what was going on because Jinwoon didn’t look happy about it. Only after Junhee talked about the strange messages that she sent to him, did he realise that the messages were a prank. Remember last week, Junhee said that Jinwoon might be angry and Nicole and Mir said that Jinwoon is very fast to catch on things.

But during the interview, Junhee revealed that she started planning this (the surprise birthday) about a month ago (beginning of April). In order to make him most touched, she decided to start ignoring him from beginning of April. And the last hit was on the day of the birthday party itself, she sent him the messages that they should just do the show and not contact each other in private because it might hurt each other if they put too much emotions into it (A/N: I might not be 100% accurate here).

Jinwoon’s 1st reply, after about 20 minutes was: “Should we talk about this when we meet/see each other?” Junhee didn’t reply to him because she was busy with making the cake but on some level, she wanted to execute her plan to fruition.

When Jinwoon didn’t get a reply from her, he sent her another message around 7pm.
2nd message: What this is about, you should let me know. By saying something like this, what about me?

So from the replies, we can see that Jinwoon was already upset. In his interview, he revealed that when he used to contact her, the replies were very forthcoming but recently it stopped. So he thought if it was because she had another guy or if she was busy with her schedule, or if she was sick or was she angry. After all that, when he came for the recording and got the surprise birthday party, he was confused and had to wonder if her smiles towards him then were a lie (or fake) or just smiles to express how sorry she was. When asked how he felt when he knew that it was all a prank, he said he was very relieved. (Author’s Spazz [aka A/S]: To not even think that it was a prank, it goes to show that it really mattered to Jinwoon how she was feeling. woooooo) He was frustrated and he told Junhee never to do such a thing again.

After revealing that the messages were all a prank, the party is now in a better atmosphere. They cut the cake and Jinwoon scraped off the ‘I Like You’ part of the writing and ate it. When asked how did it taste, he just pulled Junhee into a hug. Caption: This is the taste of happiness.

After that, it was moving into the next part of the birthday surprise: The princess dress and the dance. Key, Nicole and Mir all said that at the moment whatever he sees is the starter, appetizer, not the main course yet. Jinwoon thought about the possibilities and said, “Is she going to give me a kiss?”. Key said to Junhee, “If you do that, you don’t have to do what we have prepared. Why don’t you just try giving him a kiss?” Key urged Junhee to quickly move on to the next part. When Junhee had to go upstairs, Jinwoon wanted to follow but was stopped by Key. When Junhee was ready, Nicole went to cover Jinwoon’s eyes but Key came over and covered his eyes with his handkerchief/bandana instead. At Junhee’s appearance, the 3 friends were shocked and Mir exclaimed, ‘You are so beautiful’, making Jinwoon curious. When Jinwoon finally opened his eyes, he saw what was happening and he was so happy! Eye smiles, big laughs, CUTE!

After the dance ended, Junhee presented the gift to Jinwoon. As she was walking towards him, she said, “I’m the present.” Jinwoon said, “I have to receive the present right?”,  gave her a hug and said thank you. Junhee passed the gift to him and then walked away, saying she must be crazy (to be doing such a thing at age 29). Jinwoon immediately said, “The present should be beside me.”

Jinwoon praised Junhee’s dress and said that it suited her well and she should wear such clothes when they meet. Junhee rebutted with “So you like such shalala princessy style?” (Remember Key mentioned Jinwoon’s ideal type is the manga character type last week?) Jinwoon was quick to say, “Rather than just like, it’s because it suits you so well.”

As they settled down, Mir revealed that for that short performance, they practiced for a long time.  This was when Junhee made the mistake and called Key, ‘Taemin’. It took her a moment to actually realize her mistake and she was very apologetic about it. Jinwoon opened the gift to revealed a couple bangle with the inscription, “Your Shadow”. Junhee has one too. (A/S: You know the look that Jinwoon had on his face after he saw what was engraved on the bangle and Junhee looked like she was about to cry? Precious. Jinwoon must be so touched to get her reciprocation. It’s like a reply to him, like she wants to be his shadow too. AWWWW~) After reading out the inscriptions upon Key’s request (albeit a little frustrated, not quite sure why, maybe he disturbed the moment?), he went on to explain the significance of the phrase. Mir asked him not to boast as it was causing envy. Jinwoon looked so happy when he said he wanted to make them envious.

After that, the friend’s gifts were given to Jinwoon. Key brought out the spray to get rid of  bad foot smell. Jinwoon was super flustered to know that they told Junhee about it. He asked Junhee if she had felt it before when they are together and they are together a lot. She said she didn’t think that she did. Key explained that it was during “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die” promotion and they met up in the evening. It seemed like everyone who was at that event would feel the same: Jinwoon’s feet stinks.

At the interview, Jinwoon remembered the incident and tried to explain that because of the busy schedule then, he didn’t have time to wash up. He was flustered that they had told Junhee about it. When asked if he would use the gift, he said he would just to make sure that his feet doesn’t stink.

After that, they asked about their marriage life: is it interesting. Jinwoon said he’s very happy and that people change. They asked about what are the changes. Jinwoon mentioned things like he doesn’t contact his friends as much, which the friends said yes. Key went on to say that Jinwoon became proud and brought up the time when 2AM got into the limelight with “Can’t let you go even if I die” and after Jinwoon went on ‘Infinity Challenge’. Jinwoon admitted that he became a bit cold(?) Key revealed that because he became stuck-up, he really didn’t like it. Junhee said was it because he got popular and he behaved in such a manner? (A/N: After “CLYGEIID, 2AM shot to fame. And after that, Jinwoon also released 2 solo albums and participated in Jisan rock festival, had his own little concert. It was revealed that he got a little too full of himself that even the 2AM hyungs couldn’t stand him. Changmin reprimanded him and in the end, I think it was Seulong who finally talked some sense into him and he was apologetic about it. BUT this is not the reason why 2AM members are not staying in the dorm together anymore.)

Key said to Junhee that now that they have said how he was like, does she look at him better now? (Because he realized that he was wrong and now behaves better) Junhee said she feels good. Nicole said that because of Junhee, Jinwoon became brighter again.

Key asked what made each other feel sad about the other, Junhee said that he talks about the female idols too much, like who he’s close to. When asked to what extent, she said it was to the extent of feeling awkward meeting Nicole because she had heard so much about her(?) Key went on to reassure her that he only talks about other girls because he likes her and that if he’s confused, he won’t have talked about other girls. Junhee then revealed that he still had his ex-girlfriend’s photo sticker at home. All the 3 friends just blew up at Jinwoon. Jinwoon tried to calm them down and explained but was stopped by Mir saying, “no matter what, you did wrong.” and then they led him into apologizing.
Jinwoon’s apology: I’m sorry. Now, there’s no one else but you.

Key asked Jinwoon when does he think Junhee is the prettiest, Jinwoon replied with “She’s always pretty.” Key just said, “That’s something you say when you have nothing to say.” (He said something about girls blah blah blah, which I can’t catch because the voice started overlapping) Junhee asked how did he know and said he really knows about girls. Mir added, “this kind of guys can’t find girlfriends”. Key then asked why is he not commenting on the clothes. He was surprised since Junhee was wearing something different from what she is used to wearing. Jinwoon then brought up the time when they went fencing and how when she came out with the fencing clothes, she looked like an angel then but the dress today made her an angel (or look like one more). Junhee then tried to cover his mouth because she was getting embarrassed. Jinwoon put up a fight saying that that’s what he really thinks why is she stopping him from saying anything.

Key then told Jinwoon that Junhee really wanted to do the surprise birthday party for him. And then he gently touched Junhee’s bangle and was stopped by Jinwoon, asking him not to touch. Key put his hand in the lie detector and asked if he should do that before he can touch her? Key then asked if her dance was better than Girls’ Day. Jinwoon said of course, and she was like an angel. Junhee told him to look upon it as she had put in her best for the dance. Jinwoon got excited with his reply and just cupped Junhee’s face in his hands. That made Mir and Nicole and the MCs cringe, in a good way. Key went on to emphasize how hard Junhee practiced for it, and Jinwoon did the whole aegyo thing when saying, “That’s so beautiful” (The caption said: “You really wanted to do that for me” and because he said it in that manner, I can’t really decide which is the right one, so I’m putting both down) (A/S: I CRINGED. BADLY. hahah) And while the rest of the world cringed and went around hitting stuff, Jinwoon tucked Junhee’s hair behind her ears.

When it was 12am, they sang Jinwoon a birthday song again and then the friends started to leave. The good atmosphere was brought down when Mir asked Jinwoon if he knew when is Junhee’s birthday. And Jinwoon couldn’t answer it. The friends sensed something wrong and quickly leave. But Key was relentless and asked one more time, “You really don’t know?” and that prompted Jinwoon to sort of pushed them out of the door.

After everyone left, the two of them sat on the sofa and Junhee asked if he really didn’t know her birthday. Jinwoon tried to explain that he wasn’t good at remembering people’s birthday. Then she told him her birthday and without words, asked him to remember it. After that, she told him that she started planning the whole thing, from the lack of messages to the party a month ago. And explained why she did the whole ‘ignoring him thing’. Jinwoon asked if she saw how sensitive he was that he didn’t even look at her when he first came in. She said she did. She went on to say that everything just panned out so well because once she started on the messages thing, the articles about Jinwoon’s mother choosing Nicole as the ideal daughter-in-law kept on coming out, that the lack of messages can be seen as she was upset about it. Jinwoon said that even if it wasn’t so, he was bothered by it as well. Junhee revealed that she was upset because she thought that Jinwoon’s mum really likes her. Jinwoon explained that he asked his mum about it and his mum really like Junhee but because the cake that Nicole made left a deep impression, that was why she choose Nicole over Junhee. He reassured her that his mum really likes her a lot. Jinwoon was worried that because of the broadcast, would there be any misunderstanding. Junhee said that that was when the contacting each other stopped. Jinwoon was like, “I didn’t say anything (during the broadcast)… but the news articles kept coming out… And during that time, I couldn’t contact you, I was losing my mind. What a girl, I’m totally controlled by her.” Junhee was happy that everything was successful. At the end, Jinwoon thanked her again and said that he would wear the bangle everyday. Junhee said that it’s something they can wear everyday.

Jinwoon: Do not pull such a prank (about not contacting each other) again
Junhee: The messages? Was it too harsh?
JW: Yea. I was frustrated/upset, really
JH: You were frustrated/upset?
JW: I was angry too
JH: That was possible. Ok, I got it.
JW: Don’t do that again
JH: Ok
JW: Really thank you so much
JH: No, it’s great that we can celebrate your birthday together.

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[PREVIEW] 130518 WGM Jinwoon-Junhee Couple Episode 15 Official Preview

[PREVIEW] 130518 WGM Jinwoon-Junhee Couple Episode 15 Official Preview

130518 WGM Jinwoon-Junhee Couple ep. 15 Preview


Go Junhee ♡ Jinwoon – “Don’t Contact Me” The Real Meaning Behind the Message?!

Last week, Junhee who was preparing the surprise birthday party with the ‘91-Line’ friends!
From ‘Girl Group Dance Terminator’ Key, she learnt the points of Girls’ Day Suspender Dance…
Could she do the dance successfully?

After the fuss and confusion, the preparation for the birthday party ended. The friends and Junhee waited for Jinwoon’s arrival!
Jinwoon came to the house without knowing anything…
Would Junhee’s surprise birthday party be a success?!

Jinwoon who looked confused at his own surprise birthday party!
However, Jinwoon’s expression didn’t look as good as predicted…
It turned out that before the birthday party, Junhee sent him a message saying ‘Let’s not contact each other privately’!
What is the reason behind the sudden cold message that Junhee sent?

After cutting the cake that Junhee and Nicole made personally
Junhee went upstairs to get the presents she has prepared…
What is Jinwoon’s reaction after seeing the ‘princess dress’ and ‘girl group dance’ present that wife Junhee had prepared?

The two who spent a joyous birthday party with the ‘91-Line’ friends!
Before the friends left, Mir said something unexpectedly and caused the atmosphere to go down
Jinwoon got anxious and looked at Junhee furtively…
What did Mir say?
And could Jinwoon resolve this dangerous situation?

SOURCE: MBC WGM Official Website
TRANSLATION by WGM Extreme Couple (Jinwoon-Junhee) Blog || wgmextremecouple.wordpress.com || @Extreme_Couple

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[NEWS/PREVIEW] 130517 Go Junhee to Jung Jinwoon “Let’s not contact each other in private” Why?

[NEWS/PREVIEW] Go Junhee to Jung Jinwoon “Let’s not contact each other in private” Why?

130418 WGM Jinwoon-Junhee Ep. 15 Preview/News

On MBC ‘WGM’, attention was drawn to the message that Go Junhee sent to Jung Jinwoon. The message said, “Let’s not contact each other in private”.

In the previous broadcast on the 11th, we saw Go Junhee preparing Jung Jinwoon’s surprise birthday party with SHINee’s Key, Kara’s Nicole and MBLAQ’s Mir. However, Jung Jinwoon’s expression was heavy. He had received Junhee’s text message that they should not contact each other in private the day before his birthday.

However, when he saw Junhee gave him the cake that she made personally with a cheerful expression, he got more confused.

The reason behind Go Junhee’s cold message will be revealed on the broadcast of ‘WGM’ on 18th, 5.05pm KST.

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