[RECAP/COMMENTARY] 130615 WGM Jinwoon-Junhee Couple Episode 19: Honeymoon Pt.4

[RECAP] 130615 WGM Jinwoon-Junhee Couple Episode 19: Honeymoon Pt.4

So the 3rd ‘heart stone’ that Jinwoon wanted Junhee to find had the ring attached to it. We had already glimpsed the ring since the beginning of the honeymoon but hey, MBC edit it to 4 episodes that we finally had this proposal/wedding ceremony. Anyway, I’m curious to find out what was written on the heart-shaped card. But alas, it was not shown at all.

After the discovery of the ring, Junhee was very happy but Jinwoon shocked her by making her face him and went, ‘Junhee ya’. Junhee then protested because she’s after all the noona and he was using the most casual way of calling someone to address her and he hugged her. He quickly changed it to ‘Jagi ah, would you marry me?’ Junhee smiled and just said ‘mmmm’ and stretched out her hand. After he puts on the ring, he went, “I’m going to ask you one more time, would you marry me?”And this time, we could hear Junhee say ‘Yes.’

Then Jinwoon’s manager came out with a white carpet(?) and the wedding song starts playing(?) [NOTE: I don’t know if MBC put in the music in post-production so yea.] and Jinwoon announced tt they were going to have the wedding ceremony now. Junhee’s shocked face said it all. She totally didn’t expect to have a wedding ceremony there and then. Even the MCs are shocked. If you look carefully at Jinwoon’s action as he walked off, he did a ‘yes!’ sign to the production team.

I didn’t know what was going on but I felt good.
It was a surprise that I have never thought of.
Because I was shocked, it was rather dizzying
I have said before “I don’t have a ring” “We didn’t have a wedding ceremony”
It seemed like Jinwoon didn’t really care about it
But he did take what I said seriously.
(missed out two lines, can’t really understand)
I felt like the female lead in a movie
If I had known about this, I won’t have eaten the triangular kimbap and I would put on prettier make-up, I kept on thinking such thoughts.

Jinwoon went off to change into his white suit jacket and to get Junhee’s white dress that he prepared. Once he came back with it, he asked her to go change. When she came back, he asked if they have forgotten something and then handed the hand bouquet to her.

I was really nervous, I couldn’t control my facial expressions
I wanted to smile but I was so nervous
To be honest, I can’t remember my wife’s face
I kept looking at the ground and to remember her face
But strangely, I couldn’t remember her face
Why? Because I was really shaking inside
And wife also didn’t know where to put her eyes, so I also looked away at other places.
Because it was really nerve-wrecking and a precious time, it was also the time that I liked best.

From the march-in, because there were only 2 of them, it felt a little awkward. But at the same time, it felt real because it looked like something that Jinwoon planned from beginning till the end and only his manager knew what was going on. The production team didn’t make it a big hooha by inviting friends and family. It was a wedding between the 2 of them and somehow that made it all the more beautiful.

Jinwoon even prepared the vows. He passed it to Junhee and asked her to read it out loud.

His vows: Groom Jung Jinwoon, takes bride Go Junhee to be his wife. Would you swear to provide her joy and happiness no matter when?

Jung Jinwoon: YES!

Her vows: Bride Go Junhee, takes groom Jung Jinwoon to be her husband. Would you swear to provide him joy and happiness no matter when?

Junhee: Yes!

Jinwoon then said he would sing the congratulatory song. Junhee asked who would be doing it, Jinwoon walked away and introduced himself as the singer. He sang, “My Clumsy Love”.

The lyrics (note: really clumsy translation)
You who I love
Listen to my song
I shall express my feelings for you clumsily

You who I love
Listen to my song
I shall tell you my love clumsily this way

The lyrics of the song is really what my heart feels
Even though I can’t really express myself well, through this song I managed to express what I wanted to say.
I think from the song, she can know my heart

While listening to the song, the feeling is strange
I could feel Jinwoon’s nervousness
(Can’t really understand what she was trying to say but the idea was that it was strange. She also feels that it would be strange to cry but it was difficult trying to control her expression. But she was really touched.)

When he hugged her and said ‘thank you’, I thought that was the most beautiful scene, really. Stealing the kiss while taking photo was unexpected as he revealed in the interview. He said he didn’t think of kissing her. But seeing her standing there so beautiful and now that she’s his wife. Seeing that their skinship progressed really fast and it seems like they took a long time for the kiss to happen.

Junhee’s interview: She said that it was her first time seeing Jinwoon so nervous. She said actually she had thought of giving the kiss during the honeymoon. But instead of her kissing him, she actually received the kiss. And that it felt different today. They used to meet and feel like they were in a relationship but today after the wedding ceremony, it felt like they are really married.

At night, while walking on the street, Junhee told Jinwoon that now they have done the wedding ceremony, it really felt like they are married. Jinwoon said simply that they are married. She wanted to look more beautiful for such a good day and that wearing a one-piece white dress was a little wasted (meaning she had wanted to dress up more). Jinwoon said that she was really beautiful.

While watching the 3D projection show, Jinwoon’s never stop touching Junhee. The two of them were just leaning on each other, etc. (i.e. skinship galore)

I do not want to recap the dancing part… cos all I did while watching the streaming was ‘Jung Jinwoon, please stop’. He kept wanting to go to the stage. In the interview, Junhee wished she could follow Jinwoon in all the dancing but her body couldn’t do it. Jinwoon wanted to bring the atmosphere up which was why he kept dancing but he realized that that just made Junhee embarrassed.

When Jinwoon took off his jacket and danced, Junhee said he dance really well. He revealed that he learnt from his mum (Jinwoon’s mum was an aerobics instructor for 7 years, if I didn’t remember wrongly). Junhee said she’s seeing a new side of him. Jinwoon then asked Junhee to dance the dance she did for his birthday. Junhee tried but got so embarrassed and hugged Jinwoon instead. (And Jinwoon’s caressing her back~~)

While drinking champagne, Jinwoon asked Junhee if she liked the ring. She said it’s pretty and Jinwoon was relieved. Junhee said it’s like a wedding ring (erm, it is?) and that she would keep touching the ring if she wears one. Jinwoon said when she touched it, she should think of him. Jinwoon said that because so many special things happened today, just by hearing the word ‘honeymoon’, he would see many scenes in his head and will have many happy memories. Junhee ended by saying she felt like the female lead in a comic book or fairy tale. Jinwoon said it’s not a bad thing right? Anyway, the princess and prince ended their romantic honeymoon.

Commentary: It had been a frustrating 4 episodes for a lot of us because of the duration. But today’s episode made up for it, at least for me, in some ways and I realized perhaps the reason why the editing was so haphazard could be because a lot of it was actually planned by Jinwoon. If you look at today’s wedding ceremony, or if we want, let’s look at it from last week, when he planted the ring, to this week when he proposed and then started the wedding ceremony. Usually if it’s something planned by the production crew, they would probably have cut the scene, set up and then come back again. Jinwoon asking the question twice and Junhee saying ‘yes’ the second time was probably a cue for his manager to come in with the white carpet. Further proof that Jinwoon was probably the one who planned it, when he walked out to get the dress, he did a victory gesture like ‘YES! I succeeded!’ at the cameras.

2nd reason why I think this was unplanned and not initiated by the production team: There’s only 1 ring. It would be strange if they wanted a wedding ceremony and not have a PAIR of rings instead.

3rd reason why I love this episode: You have to listen to the song that Jinwoon sang. The full song. The lyrics is really beautiful and really expressed what his heart is saying.

The skinship has always been natural but I think they are going to kick it up a notch now. Because they are really married now. Oh my perverted brains are thinking what they did in the hotel room~~


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    Kyaaaaaa……Daebak!!! This episode gonna makes me going crazy 😀 Thanks for recap…

  2. Thankyu very very much for recap… love it..I love it,,,Waaaa I really crazy now,..watching them while smiling,,,keekkekekekeke

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